wrq.e.d Galaxy scarfwrq.e.d Galaxy scarfwrq.e.d Galaxy scarf
Galaxy (85% Wool, 15% Silk)
Size:110cm x 110cm
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An accessory like no other, this scarf design features illustration by Ekaterina Demidova. Stars, snowflakes, inspired by paper cuts, and a poem by Joseph Brodsky all come together for a calming picture of eternity.

Each scarf has its own character - so they stand out individually, but also they enhance the impact of the whole outfit and make extraordinary wearable art pieces.

Drape across your shoulders or tie to your bag for a designer finishing touch to your look


in such an inexplicable blue,
as if your life can start again,
as if there can be bread and light -
a lucky day - and something's left,
as if your life can sway aright,
once swayed aleft.